The fusion-blues duo Stopwatch Novelty was born in Ottawa, Ontario sometime between 2007/2008 and consists of two friends from high school, producer/bassist Pawel Szaryk and vocalist/guitarist Curt Jones. Their first band ‘Mindthread’ released 3 EPS, 2 recorded at Szaryk’s parents’ basement, an early incarnation of Pistachio Studios. In 2008, after their second band Viscera’s Recital parted ways, Szaryk and Jones were ready to take on more proliferate songwriting roles. As Centretown neighbours the two went back and forth writing songs for about 6 months, which turned into a collection of demos they just recently posted to their Soundcloud page entitled “An Illustration”. One of those songs, “The Difficult”, was re-recorded for their début album “Business Casual” featuring long time collaborator Mike Raymond on drums. This is the 11th project the duo have released to date. Influences include; Nirvana, Silverchair and The Beatles.