Prism Prize Increases Grand Prize

The Prism Prize, awarded for best music video, celebrates its fifth consecutive year by increasing the cash prize from $10,000 to $15,000. The long list of 20 videos is due to be announced on February 7th. You can discover more via their revamped website

The Best Saskatchewan Albums of 2016

The long list for this years award has been posted and you can vote for who you think should make the short list via

And Finally

While I know it isn’t Indie you can’t get much more Canadian than the TSO performing O’Canada in a dozen of the most commonly spoken languages nationwide (according to Stats Canada). To see any of the twelve in full simply go to

What language would you like to hear/see O’Canada performed in?
What other stories should I have included?
Should we keep this as a weekly feature?
Am I asking too many questions?