For the last few weeks I have used each Thursdays post to list all of the music the music that had been released from that week (with a slight overlap for anything that had slipped through from Thursday and Friday of the previous week). But, as you can see by this being a much shorter post, I have decided to house the list on its own page due in no small part to how long it was taking to load.

As you may have seen if you were around last week I was playing around with the idea of replacing the cover art with the embeddable (is that even a word?) media for each respective release. The problem is that they take a lot to load and with the entire page reloading every time the user comments I felt it was a better idea to simply house it elsewhere and link to it. This does mean that you can have the list open in a background tap without interrupting the music if you comment but, unlike in past weeks, the page would have to be updated meaning there would be no “permanent” record of what had been released that week.

Should I go back to the old system or keep this one?
Should I separate the lists by genre?
Should I make a distinction between singles/EPs and full albums, and if yes what criteria should I use to make the distinction?