February 24th will see The Luyas will release their new full-length album Human Voicing on Paper Bag Records. The band debuted the album’s first single “Self-Unemployed” via Noisey who called the track “…the kind of mesmerizing collage that’s come to define the Luyas at ten years strong”. Read Noisey’s interview with the band’s Jessie Stein and listen to the track here.

Montreal band The Luyas have been playing music together since 2006 when, what began as, a collaboration between Jessie Stein, Pietro Amato, and Stefan Schneider shifted to include Mathieu Charbonneau, Bucky Wheaton and Michael Feuerstack. Through many tours and personnel adjustments, no love has been lost between these friends. The band’s new album, Human Voicing is a leap of faith taken together by all 6 musicians.

You can pre-order Human Voicing from Paper Bag Records.