February 3rd will see the release of Hamilton-based musician Sarah Beatty’s sophomore release Bandit Queen.

Creator described as a folk fabled concept album that began with a 19th-century horse thief named Belle Starr Bandit Queen documents the creative transition from concision, which was central to her first album Black Gramophone, towards a supersonic mythological expansion that happens on this album. “There are all kinds of mythologies telling people who they are and who they aren’t. With this song, I wanted to invite the dark parts into the story-line and inspire listeners to be their whole, real, bodacious, outlawed selves.”

“Bandit Queen really came into existence in the 19th century through the historical account of an exceptional and flawed woman. When I read about Belle Starr, the fabled bank heist mastermind turned horse thief, she grabbed my attention immediately. And from that original inspiration, I began imagining and contemplating all kinds of stories that rarely get told about women, even in the 21st century. Each of the songs on this record tells a different story, and as a collection, they become the spine of a whole other adventure.”

If you find yourself in or around Hamilton why not pick up a phisical copy of the album at either Cheapies Records & Tapes on King St East or Dr. Disc on Wilson Street.