Toronto’s Microforum gives vinyl a fresh spin, opens new record pressing plant

Toronto manufacturer Microforum Services Group, which has been producing CDs, DVDs and other optical media for more than 15 years, looked to turn back the clock last week, officially inaugurating two new vinyl production lines Jan. 20.(sorry about this being the google cache but I couldn’t get the original page to open)

Charlottetown vinyl record production facility to open

Sales of vinyl records reached a 30-year record high in 2015. As a result, Kaneshii plans to take advantage of the revival and become Atlantic Canada’s first vinyl pressing plant.

From keeping the beat to manufacturing it: Hand-crafting drums in Massey Drive

Electrician Jeremy Lemoine has found himself a new pastime when he’s home from work rotations — making drums out of his workshop in his garage in Massey Drive, just outside Corner Brook.

Drake’s marketing skills catch eye of researcher at London’s Western University

Western University doctoral candidate Amara Pope researched how Drake successfully crafted a hybrid identity, through his music video and lyrics, that makes him appeal to a wide range of audiences, both locally and globally.

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