This week sees eighty-seven new releases via bandcamp and you can find them all listed here or just check out my picks below.

This week first Pick comes from Adam Bae from Vancouver, BC.

Adam is a singer-songwriter and producer in Vancouver, Canada. His genre is always up for interpretation but some call it reggae-soul-funk. He loves the sounds of Sublime, Outkast, Paul Simon and any well written and recorded pop song. His successful songs that have made it into commercials typically come from his unique and uptempo acoustic guitar technique, along with his sporadic machine gun vocal delivery. Bringing humanity back into popular music is his main objective. Although he carries an auto-tune pedal around with him, he uses it only as an instrument and never to correct a singer’s imperfections. His songwriting is inspired from whatever and wherever. Whether you are at the beach or having an off day, you can rest assure that Adam Bae has the right song to fit your mood.

Next up is Orijin from Toronto, ON.

Living the single life? Orijin’s “Waiting Game” EP serves up a refreshingly candid take on singleness, just in time for Valentine’s day. In the EP’s title track, Orijin playfully and poignantly guides listeners through the mixed emotions of “striking out” while learning to celebrate the present calling of living as a single. The track features production by Labmatik, harmonic vocals from Jeremy Rodney-Hall, and an incisive word of encouragement from Bruxy Cavey.

This week’s final selection is by Angele from Toronto, ON. (sorry Montreal)

Angele is known for her captivating live performance and haunting voice. Her voice transitions from folk/pop roots into operatic tones which left audiences engaged and enthralled. Angele taps into various inspirations. She draws influences from her past and present into her current world of music. With a variety of eclectic songs, it is clear there is certain zest to her soul. Some of her favorite artists include (but not limited to) Lorde, Grimes, Pink Floyd, FKA Twigs, Joni Mitchell, Alt-J, K.Flay, K-OS, Lana Del Rey, Jewel, Avril Lavigne, Elvis, Beatles, Incubus, July Talk, Neil Young. She is inspired by genres such as Rock, Folk, Electronic, Classical, Indie Electronic, Blues, Ambient, Rap, Pop, Opera, Techno, psychedelic rock and almost every color of the genre rainbow. Angele limits herself to no specific genre or artist but draws inspiration from many artists, avenues and, experiences.