Sunrise Records to Move into 70 HMV Mall Locations

Sunrise Records have negotiated contracts with mall landlords to take over the leases on 70 HMV locations across Canada. It currently operates 9 stores in Ontario.

The unlikely return of cassette tapes in Canadian music

Many, many years after most music fans tossed their tapes in the trash, the Lethbridge, Alta., musician got behind the dated format in a big way — by forming an independent record label intent on resurrecting the once-loved cassette.

Without Funding, Canada’s Cultural Voice Will Be Lost In Digital Universe

The Ministry of Canadian Heritage has finished consulting anyone who wants to express an opinion about its ongoing cultural policy review, and the web page for the report begins with a slide that offers this optimistic comment from one Pollyanna on the Canadian cultural scene, she writes, citing from the doc that “The strongest creators will generate content that stands out and gets noticed. The government can let the audience discover it on its own. If we make it, they will come.”

And Finally

Matthew Logan Vasquez shares video for “Red Fish”