One year after releasing his Polaris Prize long-listed The Apostate (his first full-length original album in two decades), Canadian music legend Art Bergmann returns May 12 with Remember Her Name, a newly remastered edition of his classic 1991 self-titled album.

Originally released by Polygram on CD/cassette and long out-of-print, (weewerk) Recordings’ Remember Her Name revisits one of Bergmann’s career peaks, featuring the radio hits “If She Could Sing,” “Faithlessly Yours” and “Message From Paul.” A fresh remaster was done by Noah Mintz at Lacquer Channel Mastering, with the addition of the previously unreleased track “Wide On/Hard Body.” (Remember Her Name will be available on vinyl through Paper Bag Records’ Vintage reissue series.)

In re-titling the album after the lead-off track, Bergmann highlights the song’s lyrical tribute to Marianne Faithfull. “Remember Her Name” (the song) was originally supposed to be called “Marianne Faithfull,” but Bergmann’s label at the time forced the change due to legal concerns. This new edition also features updated artwork, with images captured by photographers Sharon Steele and Lisa MacIntosh.

Art Bergmann on Remember Her Name:
“This re-release holds a great depth of meaning for me as it comes 25 years after I met and married Sherri at the same time as writing and recording the thing. She is definitely a muse to some of these tracks, ‘Ruin My Life,’ ‘Faithlessly Yours’ and to the whole endeavour, really. She is my conscience to this day.”

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