Each Thursday we try to look forward to what music Canadian artists will be putting out the following day.

This week sees just four releases but they cover a wide selection of music genres.

Chilly Gonzales & Jarvis Cocker – Room 29

Jarvis Cocker and Chilly Gonzales’ first collaborative album is a song-cycle centred around the piano in the titular room of the Château Marmont in West Hollywood – a hotel with a reputation as something of a den of iniquity during the Roaring Twenties. Featuring cameo appearances from the likes of Jean Harlow, Howard Hughes and Clara Bow, Room 29 comes across like a stripped-down riff on Lou Reed’s classically grubby Berlin album with splashes of Bertolt Brecht and Kurt Weill and even Noel Coward to tell the tale of the ghosts of times past in “a comfortable venue for a nervous breakdown”. (the arts desk)

Lunar Lemur – Meat Blob Groove Machine (Trinket Trance)

Lunar Lemur is a person (?) I randomly encountered in Toronto at Dufferin Grove Park in the summer of 2015 around midnight, sitting under a tree wearing a cheap lemur suit and chunky headphones. She, he, it or whatever, was hunkered over an old laptop. When I approached and asked “what are you working on?” the lemur didn’t say a word, just looked up, handed me the headphones and pressed play. It took less than a minute before I was fumbling for my wallet and asking if I could buy whatever it was I was hearing. (Trinket Trance)

Madchild – The Darkest Hour (Battle Axe Records)

The Darkest Hour is the upcoming solo release from Madchild, who burst onto Canada’s late-90s hip-hop scene as one-third of the multi-platinum-selling group Swollen Members. And with the new project nearing completion, the notorious road-warrior has announced a string of tour dates in support of the album’s anticipated March 10th release.(GoBe Weekly)

The Cousins – Rattlesnake Love (Independent)

The Cousins, featuring actual real-life cousins Kevin Hearn (Barenaked Ladies) and actor/comedian Harland Williams, will unleash their new LP Rattlesnake Love to the world on March 17, 2017. The album features 11 eclectic and diverse tracks written and recorded in The Purple Pineapple Studios with Hearn at the production helm. Title track “Rattlesnake Love” features legendary JUNO and Genie Award-winning “agent provocateur” Carole Pope. Hearn and Williams, whose mothers are sisters and who forged a strong family and musical bond starting when they were kids, last released an EP in 2004 titled “The Love Song Years”. (PR Newswire)

Johanna Sillanpaa – From This Side (Chronograph)

Drake – More Life (OVO)

What do you think of tomorrows releases?
Do you know of something that we have missed?