Betty Moon – CHROME (Independent)

“On her latest album Chrome Betty Moon demonstrates an eclectic range within today’s seemingly-static pop genre. The LP is full of danceable beats and bass-heavy tracks, all of which seem perfectly prepped for radio play.” (TCC)

Blood and Glass – Punk Shadows (Simone)

The project brings together Little Scream player Lisa Moore and the Barr Brothers’ Morgan Moore for an eccentric mix of electro-tinged pop jams that range from the breathy, slow groove of opener “Block of Ice,” through cinematic numbers like “Submarine” and “Chlorine Dreams,” and onto the final burst of drama on closer “Swimming Pool.”(exclaim)

Devon Sproule – The Gold String (Tin Angel)

Like compact folk Bergman, it begins in conviviality, the narrator and a companion nestling like “two spoons left in a drawer”. (FT)

I M U R – Little Death (Independent)

“I M U R’s debut album is lyrically transparent, broaching subjects such as substance use, abuse and recovery, non-traditional relationship and sexual dynamics, and the fine line between self-consciousness and self-awareness. The production of ‘Little Death’ is diverse and eclectic, ranging from boom bap to future beats with a focus on live instrumentation. Ghostly guitar licks, and jazzy piano chords are mixed with sticky beats and wobbly synths, glued together with Dilla esq swing.”

Jesse Waldman – Mansion Full of Ghosts (Independent)

“The laidback grooves in songs such as Good Company or Raincity Blues don’t hide the tasty interplay between the singer and the backup vocalists or the understated but oh-so-tasty wah-wah electric licks. Music like this hearkens back to the Southern California sound that birthed the likes of Jackson Browne, but his lyrical bent is a great deal more down to earth.” (Vancouver Sun)

The Harpoonist & The Axe Murderer – Apocalipstick (Tonic)

“On it, you’ll find 13 tracks for any mood. Whether it’s an upbeat track like “Get Ready,” or a slowed-down, heartfelt jam like “Treat Me Kind,” Rogers and Hall’s blues-rock grooves are filled with soul. Thier songs use various instruments ranging from the harmonica to the guitar, fostering feel-good music with a unique sound.” (CBC Music)

Joanne Morra – Alouette

With her debut album “Alouette”, Joanne Morra puts forward an intimate and diverse collection, from French-Canadian classics and jazz to blues and German cabaret.
Joanne will be joined on stage by guitarist Eric St-Laurent (Atilla Fias, Richard Underhill, Luc de la Rochelière), bassist Rachel Melas, (Amélie et les singes bleus, Swamperella) and Joey Burke on lap-steel (Lowfills).