Sometimes a song is so good it inspires multiple visions. Jon Mckiel’s “Unknown Source,” from the Memorial Ten Count album released March 10th on You’ve Changed Records and Headless Owl Records, is paired with two distinct videos made independently by artists Andrea Thorne and Paul Henderson.

Andrea Thorne’s “Unknown Source” is made of moving and still footage from locations at the Bay of Fundy near Sackville, New Brunswick. A collage of warm VHS textures intertwine with the sonic and lyrical narratives present in the music. For his version, Paul Henderson “found the right weight of impermanence in an iceberg and thoughts of labour in the song’s structure. Found footage on the Internet. Cut to the boom, boom, boom of the kick drum. So turn it up and/or put on your headphones, laptop speakers just won’t do.”

“Unknown Source” – by Andrea Thorne

“Unknown Source” – by Paul Henderson

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