World Record BROKEN! The Longest Continuous Multi-Artist Concert Mark Goes to Canada. And It’s STILL GOING.

Shortly after 7 am Sunday (April 2), during a performance by Shotsy and the Vortex, the group attempting to set the world record for the longest continuous multi-artist concert beat the record. And after sixteen days, it’s still going. (video below)

Before there was vinyl: Jukebox from 1800’s entertains guests at P.E.I. inn

The Regina Corona Music Box was more likely playing tunes dating back to your great-great-grandfather’s day. The Dundee Arms Inn and Restaurant in Charlottetown has had one of the music boxes in its lobby for the past two years.

Tragically Hip played off at the Junos and fans freak

As Hip member Paul Langlois took the stage to accept the award on behalf of the band Sunday night, the guitarist gave a lengthy speech in which he thanked family and the band’s crew. But Juno producers had their eye on the clock and started playing him off.

And Finally