Producer David Foster churns out hit after hit for music’s biggest names

There are very few people who can promise to make you a star and follow through on it. Legendary music producer David Foster is one such person.

The plan behind Sunrise Records ‘insane’ move to bring back record stores

Hamilton-born entrepreneur Douglas Putman, the owner of Sunrise Records, says he’s going to make the business of brick-and-mortar record stores viable in an age where people have abandoned the CD stacks for the Spotify playlist.

Alysha Brilla is out to change the world, one song at a time

Brilla, aside from creating and self-producing her own world-influenced pop music (her third album, “HUMAN”, was released last year), has actively recruited female artists and technicians to join the Canadian Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences — the voting body that awards Junos — and is an activist for social justice both on and off the stage.

Cornies: Musicians battle shifting sands of culture

If people, rather than institutions or structures, are at the heart of what makes a community great, then Londoners need look no further for exemplars than the musicians of London Symphonia, the ensemble that has risen from the ashes of Orchestra London.

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