At the beginning of the year we were treated to a new track from Toronto-based Hollerado, entitled “Born Yesterday”, a few months later the band revealed that this was also the title of their new album, which is being released on Friday through their label Royal Mountain Records.

CBC Music is now streaming the full album

Here’s a track-by-track break down of Born Yesterday:

Track 1 – Born Yesterday

We should all be familiar with this song by now, ironically it was the last song they wrote for this album.  A straight ahead rocker, with some driving guitar chords.

Track 2 – Don’t Shake

One of my favourites on the album, best of all it has a personal motivational premise about survival.  Written by Nixon Boyd (Guitar, backing Vocals), after he was diagnosed with testicular cancer, this was a call to his friends and loved ones to keep up the support.  This is one I’ve had on repeat, and can’t get enough of.

If you check out Steady Hand on their 111 Songs release you may realize where this song originates from and how it has evolved.

Track 3 – Brick Wall

If you saw the band in the last year or two it is likely you heard this song, I recognized it from one of their previous shows and thought perhaps it was an obscure cover, glad to see it is their own.  Probably the most classic rock n’ roll song on the whole album.  Chorus is very catchy.

Track 4 – Grief Money

Probably the least sounding Hollerado song on the whole album, and I think Nick is the main singer here.  Check out the He-Who-Won’t-Be-Named themed video.  Heavy driving song again with some synth treatments, gang back vocals, and pumping bass.

Track 5 – I Got You

“Rich kids make it look easy, they got me wondering what I’m doing with my life”

One of the top songs on the Album, this is a feel good party song.  I can picture this being blared on patios all summer, may be song of the summer.  Lead riff just hooks you in from the beginning, again the gang backing-vocals move it along.  Love the Oo-oohs!

Track 6 – Rollerskater

“Rollerskater with your head in the clouds, you move your body like there’s no one around”

“Wish I could care about nothing like you”

Love the lead choppy chords and pause, this one has grown on me.  The verse and chorus bring me back to the early 80’s when rollerskating was a fad. Basically describing a guy who flies around the roller rink (with that disco ball), with all the moves.

Track 7 – Sorry you’re alright

Upbeat song with some good hooks.   Just keeps the album flowing.

Track 8 – Eloise

As described recently on The Strombo Show, Menno (Versteeg – Vocals, guitar) wrote this as a gift to his young niece, whom he forgot to get a birthday present for.  Catchy song.

Track 9 – Better than the Cure

“And I’m calling you from where ever the hell I am”

“And I’m freaking out cause i’m ready to give in”

“Is the pain better than the cure”

This album just keeps on giving, nice to have this track as part of this.   Toes are a-tapping…

Track 10 – Age of Communication

“I came for forgiveness, I don’t talk so well”

Seems like a song that may have been originally for “Record in a Bag” (Their first album), just has that feel to it.

Track 11 – If it is Love

A buoyant ballad and a great way to end the album.

This is a great album.  Hollerado have hit their stride with this.  If you see them coming to your town, I’d recommend checking them out, they are a fun band to see live.

Hollerado is Menno Versteeg (Vocals, Guitar), Nixon Boyd (Guitar, Vocals), Dean Baxter (Bass, Vocals) and Jake Boyd (Drums, Vocals).

You can find out more information about this release at Royal Mountain Records or their Dubleplus Store.