Discogs’ Crate Diggers record fair is coming to Toronto and Montreal

“Both Toronto and Montreal have increasingly grown in the Discogs community of buyers and sellers,” Discogs spokesperson Jeffrey Smith tells NOW. “[We] want to be involved with the community in real-life as much as possible. Crate Diggers gives us that opportunity to physically talk with sellers, new users, contributors to the database, and DJs/musicians in the city’s scene.”

Winter, Be Gone – Festivals Now Come!

April screws with my head. There’s this expectation that one morning I’d wake up and the sun would bear down on me and that slow walk to Starbucks will put a long grin on my face. I seriously need to warm-up. It’s not as if I’ve given up. We’ve had a few close calls.

Annual record show builds on Nanaimo’s history with vinyl

A week removed from Record Store Day, more than 20 of the finest vinyl dealers from across Vancouver Island, the Sunshine Coast and the Lower Mainland converge on the Legion in Harewood to celebrate and share the medium they love.

The arts are not distant from the public good – they are the public good

At first glance, a transplanted Canadian jazz saxophonist and educator in rural Iowa might seem like an unusual candidate to be offering advice on the cultural value of jazz and the importance of music and arts in the classroom. After all, Canada and Iowa are both pretty distant from the perceived creative centres of “America’s Classical Music”.

The CIMA 20 Chart For the week ending April 27, 2017

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