Born somewhere between endless sunny days that slowly turned to balmy July nights, Toronto indie rock band Midday Swim (David Mitchel – Vocals/Guitar, Sebastian Shinwell – Lead Guitar/Vocals, Craig Saltz – Bass/Vocals, Stephan Ermel – Keyboards/Vocals, and Max Trefler – Drums) formed a little over a year ago at a lakefront cabin in the backwoods of Ontario. “There is something about losing yourself in summertime’s eternal warmth that often breeds inspiration,” says bassist Craig Saltz. “That cabin, which has been in David’s family for 30 years, is a special place for us. At the time, we really didn’t know what we were working on; we were just sort of doing it. David had written 10 or 12 songs on his own and so we were just up there working them out, enjoying each other’s company, going swimming in the middle of the day, and having camp fires at night; it was a really easygoing time. When we finally mixed the first song and everyone took a step back to hear it, it was immediately clear that we were going to drop everything else and do this thing together.”

This song is from their sophomore EP “Climbing Out Of Caves” which is due out later this year. For the video, the band and director were inspired by their mutual admiration for films like “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty”, “Pulp Fiction”, and “The Grand Budapest Hotel”. Both the song and video were made in an attempt to capture the spirit of childhood.