In a previous life, Amber Goodwyn was a member of not one but two Montreal bands in the forms of Cobra & Vulture and Nightwood but her current incarnation is focusing on, what she describes as, her “solo home-fi pop fantasy project” Natural Sympathies. Trading her former guitar music for low-fi, pared-down pop ditties, Natural Sympathies is an eclectic mix of playful vocal harmonies, urgent lyrics, elemental drum machine beats, organ and synth. With an engaging stage personality and a high energy set filled with amateur dancing and audience participation, no one leaves the venue untouched by her enthusiasm for A Good Time.

“The Moon Landing video was made by Mike Rollo. I told him that I wanted something that evoked lonely space travel and so he found all this amazing NASA footage that’s in the public domain. There are a lot of circles and orb shapes in the video, which kind of seems to be a motif cropping up in these spacey tunes. There’s something both isolating and comforting about a circle.”

“We shot the footage of me in a film studio. I pretended to sing the words out to someone who was very far away, kind of like when I would text friends back in my hometown of Montreal after I moved to Regina. The song is quite short but has lots of words (including two lines from T.S. Eliot’s The Hollowmen) so it felt right to do the lip sync thing. Mike swung lights around and worked with superimpositions to make the flashes you see over those sequences.”

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