High Signs – A Much Larger Ocean

“Staying present, grounded, and connected to what and who we care about is more of an action than a desire, but it is one that needs to constantly be teased out. Even if we can find this piece of mind for just a moment, it is something we can hold onto and continue to find strength in. If nothing else, it is a mindset to aspire to.”

You can read more about “A Much Larger Ocean” at New Noise Magazine.

LeRiche – Under Covers

We all have our ways of overcoming hurdles we face. In the lyric: “I could help if you’d unlock the door”, I hope you hear a voice of reason. Remember that it’s often the simplest gesture that reminds us that someone cares. It’s about give and take; intimacy and honesty. “I love the way we make up under covers”, I don’t write them very often but this one’s a love song.

If you’d like to read more about the single, the premiere piece is at CLASH.

Bonus Item

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