Fake Shark – Faux Real (Light Organ)

If you feel like you’ve heard of Fake Shark before, but can’t quite describe what it sounds like, you’re not alone. The Vancouver-based band has not made it easy for fans to keep up; each of the band’s four releases have showcased a different incarnation of the band from one album to the next.(CBC Music) +stream

Minotaurs – Aum (Independent)

As its title suggests, this new album is meant to serve as a meditation on the creative process and an ode to the spiritual journey that accompanies it. According to Minotaurs member Nathan Lawr (Vocals, Keys, Percussion), AUM serves as “an extension” of Weird Waves.(Indie88)

Oh Susanna – A Girl in Teen City

Twelve tracks in length, A Girl in Teen City sees Ungerleider team up once again with Jim Bryson in the producer’s chair. Bryson also plays guitar and keyboards, with the record featuring Eli Abrams on bass, Cam Giroux and Paul Brennan on drums, and Gord Tough on guitar. Guest vocalists include Holly McNarland, Gabrielle Giguere, Ungerleider’s sister Jessie and niece Sofia.(Exclaim!)

The Pistolwhips – Voices

The album starts with “Am I Real”, a track that starts small and builds until you feel that it has reached a dramatic climax, when really, the band is lining up to push the song one step further with an intense guitar solo. Not only does “Am I Real” serve as a unique choice to open the album with, but it also demonstrates the depth of songwriting and attention to detail throughout the record process that The Pistolwhips went to in order to ensure that every aspect of the song develops in a calculated and tasteful manner. The album continues with the explosive “You Know What It Is”, a straight up rocker that once again shows the musical craftsmanship of the band as each part drives the song forward in some way.(Canadian Beats)

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