June 28th will mark exactly one year since OurBasements first official post, DarBar’s Polaris Long List Playlist for those of you that would lie to reminisce.

We thought it might be a good idea to release some limited edition shirts to mark this “auspicious” occasion, with the four images above being the first generation mockups for your consideration, any and all feedback is welcome.

Top Left (black shirt)

This is the first names of the R3 hosts in schedule order and is based on a style seen all around the internet. I’m not sure about the font choice but it works as a placeholder to show the overall layout.

Top Right (White shirt)

This is based in one of the many logo’s Wendy Hagan created for us before our launch.

Bottom Left (red shirt)

This in not only based on another of Wendy’s logo ideas, it is an actual logo she sent us (minus the comic sans). If this does come out on top I’d like to see if Wendy would like to rework it. As for that font, it started out as a bit of a joke with the intentions of changing it later but now I’m not so sure because I have heard it is a very good typeface for people with dyslexia to read.

Bottom Right (blue shirt)

When I posted a couple of preview shirts (the top row) for comment on Friday, the most common remark I got was about adding our domain to the shirt which led to this shirt.

Please keep in mind that the these are only intended to be proofs of concept so everything from text style/size to shirt colour is up for debate.

If you have any t-shirt designs you would like to share let us know in the comments below and we will add them to the list for a vote next Monday, with the most popular shirt going for 2 weeks on the following Monday.