Death From Above talk comeback single ‘Freeze Me’, Royal Blood, the state of rock, and what’s next

After surprising fans with another surprise return with comeback single “Freeze Me”, Death From Above are back with what they call “the purest version of the band”.

Come From Away wins Tony Award for best direction

The production is based on real-life stories of people in and around Gander, N.L., who provided food, shelter and comfort to thousands of stranded passengers after the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

Proposed legislation says pot producers can’t sponsor events, as some do now

A few Canadian festivals are making money through sponsorships with licensed pot producers. But this could be the last summer you see them at fests as proposed legislation to legalize marijuana for recreational use would also ban producers from sponsoring events.

Radio Still Rocks for Favourite Tunes and New Music Discovery

Research from Edison indicates 53% of listeners turn to radio to listen to songs they already know and love. Another 42% use radio – not streaming services or YouTube or anything of the like—to discover new music and see what’s new. A smaller margin still, just 16%, suggested they kept listening to radio because it offered them more than streaming, while 28% check in with their radios to see what’s trending.

And Finally

This is where we like to bring you something to watch or listen to, and this week we give you Hockey Night in Canada’s annual playoffs montage.