Doldrums – Esc (Dead Oceans)

Montreal’s Doldrums certainly have a mastery of textures. On their latest release they take elegant melodies and dance-ready electronics and mash them together for a middle-ground between EDM and indie-rock. While it certainly stands out on a sonic level do the songs boast enough staying power to have listeners coming back? (Northern Transmissions)(Northern Transmissions)

Kacy Hill – Like a Woman

In building on her 2015 Bloo EP, G.O.O.D. Music vocalist Kacy Hill has now announced her first full-length for the label in Like a Woman. Arriving this June, the announcement comes alongside a video for the title track.(Exclaim!)

Lily Frost – Rebound Bitch (Aporia)

The titles on Lily Frost’s new EP REBOUND speak for themselves: “Rebound Bitch,” “Sex Trip,” “Red Flags” and “Witchdoctor.” Frost is obviously writing songs that are spiked with an attitude of brazen, female empowerment, while combining elements of Americana, swing, surf, and spaghetti western, all set to big beats, massive horns, and a cinematic film-noir vibe.(

Needles//Pins – Good Night, Tomorrow (Mint Records)(Dirt Cult Records)

The trio, made up of guitarist/vocalist Adam Solomonian, bassist Tony Dubroy and drummer Macey Budgell, released a couple of 7″ singles and a cassette before putting out 12:34, its first full-length album, in 2012. Since then the band, with its high-energy sets and Solomonian’s signature growly vocals, has been a fixture on the live scene in Vancouver.(CBC Music)
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