In a case of “if you can do it why can’t we” Arcade Fire decided that, if US ‘it-girls’ Kylie and Kendal Jenner could sell classic band T-shirts with their own image or logo superimposed as if they were being reused, they could do the same to them by featuring the girls faces on their own merch for sale at the first of two shows at London’s York Hall last night, and selling them for £25 ($40 CDN) each.

In keeping with the sardonic theme of the promotion for the forthcoming album Everything Now, the band displayed a satirical disclaimer on the wall for gig-goers from The Everything Now Corporation.

It pointed out that by entering the venue, everybody was automatically waving their own image rights and that their personal information could be used. Also that they had automatically been subscribed to the print edition of an advertising magazine and that their bank details had also been scanned to make “checkout quick and easy for all future transactions.”

The band played in the centre of the boxing venue with the crowd gathered around them, as they performed tracks off their new album, including Chemistry, and some old indie classics.