Ziibiwan’s “Winter’s Child” Passes Down Native Knowledge for the Trap Era

Anishinaabe producer Ziibiwan makes music at the cutting edge of dance but uses it to share tradition and convey the struggles of Canada’s Indigenous population. Of course, that doesn’t mean the music can’t slap either, as it does on Ziibiwan’s new track “Winter’s Child.” Monotone but urgent raps by Saskatoon artist Wellspoke transition to a mournful sample of Buffy Saint-Marie’s “Winter Boy” over the piece’s six minutes, creating a song that’s a statement, an elegy, and a moody club banger. Who said modern rap production isn’t expressive? Stream “Winter’s Child” below and read on for an interview with Ziibiwan. (Noisy)

Universal Music’s Canada 150 compilation has some Quebecers crying foul

The lack of francophone content earned the box-set a 1.5-star review in Montreal’s French-language newspaper, Journal de Montréal, and a heap of criticism on social media (in French).(CBC)

No naked dancing, Canada revellers told

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) issued the warning as the Craven Country Thunder event in Saskatchewan comes to the end on Sunday.(BBC)

Music Platforms Drop Antisemitic Canadian Rapper as Montreal Police Launch Hate Crime Investigation

B’nai Brith Canada announced on Friday that songs recorded by Iraqi-Canadian Jonathan Azaziah – who records under the name Madd Cold – were being removed from online distribution platforms. On Sunday, the songs were no longer available on popular platforms like Soundcloud, BandCamp and Spotify, although YouTube continues to host some of Azaziah’s content.(The Algemeiner)

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