Basement Revolver – Agatha

Well, this is just delightful. Basement Revolver’s ‘Agatha’ EP is a sombre affair, focusing on mental struggles and their physical manifestations, but there’s something sweet amongst the bitterness. Four tracks of poetic, anatomical and environmental imagery, it’s a dark but beautiful record and one to turn to for a moment of peace or clarity.(Punktastic)

Holy Fuck – Bird Brains

After delivering their first LP in six years with Congrats last year, Holy Fuck aren’t letting up in releasing more music. The band have revealed that a new EP titled Bird Brains will land on July 21 through Last Gang/Innovative Leisure.(Exclaim)

Matt Paxton – Hunter Street Station Blues

There’s a kind of forlorn, raw vulnerability about singer/songwriter Matt Paxton’s Hunter Street Station Blues EP: A humbling mix of acoustic folk and blues strikes a poignant chord through the illustrative lyrics and stark, heartfelt melodies in a four very sad, very honest songs of longing, love, and leaving.(Atwood Magazine) Autoplay Stream