One album that managed to evade us last week was by the Edmonton-based singer/songwriter duo Goldtop comprising of Alice Kos and Everett LaRoi when they officially released their full-length debut album, You Possess Me.

You Possess Me marked the start of a new chapter for Kos and LaRoi who began collaborating under the name Goldtop after several years of working together on other projects. From the guitar-driven “Rip It Off” to the Laurel Canyonesque “Even Tonight,” You Possess Me introduces the duo’s dynamic and wide-ranging avant-folk sound, the outgrowth of Kos and LaRoi’s shared histories within the Canadian indie music scene.

The seeds of Goldtop were planted as far back as 2012 when LaRoi, who first made an impression with ’80s indie trailblazers Idyl Tea, produced Kos’ solo album You Missed It All and the pair began playing shows as a duo. Accolades in their home province came quickly after the release of their first single, “The Flood,” in the fall of 2016.

Kos and LaRoi also freely acknowledge the influence of L.A.-based singer/songwriter/producer Marvin Etzioni (Lone Justice, Thee Holy Brothers) during the early stages of Goldtop. It was while touring eastern Canada with Etzioni that the pair saw the potential of what they could on their own, in large measure because of Etzioni’s unfailingly gripping performances.

As Kos says, “Marvin is the kind of person you don’t just meet, you experience. And he left an indelible mark on the two of us. ‘Goldtop’ was actually Marvin’s nickname for me, and ‘You Possess Me’ is a song he wrote. We feel it’s an appropriate homage to a man who played such a significant role in the genesis of our duo.”

With its blend of innovative sounds and production techniques, combined with uncommon lyrical depth, You Possess Me provides ample proof that Goldtop is one of the most exciting new bands to emerge on the Canadian scene in 2017.

Goldtop Tour Dates:
Sun. July 30: Calgary Ab @ Calgary Folk Festival (Festival Hall – 2:30 P.M.)
Sun. Aug. 6: Edmonton Ab @ The Needle Vinyl Tavern [Cd Release Show]
Fri. Sept. 1: Edmonton Ab @ Capital Plaza