The Legendary No-Cover Music Night You’ve Never Heard Of

From The Strokes to Thom Yorke, ‘Nu Music Nite’ at the legendary Horseshoe Tavern became an epicentre of rock in Toronto.

YouTube star singer from Thunder Bay, Ontario draws on Ojibway heritage for debut album

Natasha Fisher has already racked up over a hundred thousand views on YouTube for her videos of covers and mashups by artists like Drake, Rihanna, and The Weeknd, but now the northwestern Ontario singer is gaining attention for the release of her original song Lie to Me, from her debut album Her.

Vice shuts down electronic music news site Thump amid global layoffs

Since 2013, Thump has covered international dance music culture – mainstream and underground – and has had a dedicated editor in Vice’s Toronto office. On Friday (July 21), the site’s Brooklyn-based editor Michelle Lhooq also confirmed the closure on Twitter.

Simcoe music festival rocks on for 50 years and counting

There is one key difference between the Federation’s performance at the first downtown Simcoe music festival 50 years ago and the local rock ‘n’ roll band’s upcoming set at next month’s Lynn River Music and Arts Festival – this time there’s less chance of a traffic jam.
(Norfolk News)

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