Offering a gritty Alt-Pop sound bursting with catchy hooks, Smash Boom Pow is blood brothers Ulysses [vocals/guitar] and Zane [drums] Coppard from the Westcoast of Canada. After previewing as-yet unreleased ‘EP #2’ for music industry partners, award winning music supervisor and CEO David Hayman of Supergroup Sonic Branding Co. writes, “[This EP] bites like a rabid wolf, yet as the gnarly vocals lull you into the frenzy, you’re transported to a kaleidoscopic euphoric state, allowing you to enjoy the deep laceration of the sharp guitars and toothy percussion… I like being bitten. I love this EP. I dig SMASH BOOM POW.”

With an abundance of exciting releases lined up, and a full length follow up LP to 2014’s ‘Do You Feel?’ in the works, the boys look to build on the buzz and momentum they have righteously enjoyed sharing with their keen audience thus far. In the studio, onstage, online, and in the streets, Smash Boom Pow is in it to win it.

On a mission to connect with worldwide audiences and leave their mark on music history, there have been many triumphs along the way. Smash Boom Pow’s passion for their craft has attracted the attention of fans, musicians, and industry folk alike – earning them numerous opportunities for creative and career advancement. Among the most powerful and transformative were a top 12 spot in 2015’s Peak Performance BC project and having been selected to partake in the Converse Rubber Tracks initiative.

Smash Boom Pow has had the pleasure of the sharing the stage and performing alongside top-notch acts such as We Are The City, The Pack AD, Dralms, and The Velveteins, as well as a tour of Western Canada with Soft Alarm. A steady supply of quality media to an active and engaged audience has resulted in over 20k YouTube views and song placements in the TV series ‘Motive’ and upcoming indie film ‘THE CANNON’ (directed by Marshall Axani).

For the Coppard brothers, making music as a way of life is a serious endeavour. Friend Mirko Vogel (tour/production manager for Bon Iver, Ratatat, and Chet Faker) states: “The Coppard brothers have an amazing sound, energy and composition style that I find so often lacking in music these days. Smash Boom Pow are building something memorable and unique.”