Camille Delean – Music on the Grey Mile

Singer-songwriter Camille Delean has lived in many different places, having grown up in small-town Ontario before embarking on a journey at age 17 that led to stints in Nashville, Paris and London, then returning to live in her current homebase of Montreal. It’s not surprising, then, that her debut album is inspired by her nomadic life.(CBC)

Glass Hour – Minute Hand

Kacy & Clayton – The Siren’s Song

The Siren’s Song developed out of Kacy Anderson and Clayton Linthicum’s touring as a four-piece band alongside a drummer and a bassist, which alleviated some of the restrictions that come with being a quiet duo. Linthicum turned up his electric guitar while Anderson, not as concerned with venue set-up or a noisy crowd, felt more liberated. The pair started to have more fun, and it shows.(Exclaim!)

Lunar Lemur – Gas Sculptures

In a park somewhere, dressed in a lemur suit, wearing headphones and wielding a lap-top, sits what may or may not be the main man responsible for Lunar Lemur. At least, this is the way things are depicted by the digital label and comics (!) website Trinket Trance. With several digital albums in his previous discography, including Meat Blob Groove Machine and debut The Indiscreet Art of Ass Puppetry, Gas Sculptures is Lunar Lemur’s latest offering.(Archaic Triad)

Twin Bandit – Full Circle

While working on their second full length album Full Circle, Twin Bandit grew personally and creatively. Throughout that experience, the Vancouver duo, comprised of Hannah Walker and Jamie Elliot progressed as songwriters and musicians, expanding their sonic palette of folk, alternative, and country and opening up lyrically. Today, the band is sharing the album’s new single “Gotta Make Sure”, which is now available to stream. (Northern Transmissions)