Toronto singer/songwriter Jon Stancer has released a new video for “Dance In The Sun,” one of the standout tracks from his debut solo album, For The Birds. The video beautifully captures the song’s dreamy, free-spirited message, while reflecting the music’s lush, hook-laden pop-rock sound.

For The Birds was released June 23 and marked Stancer’s return to the Toronto alternative music scene after building his reputation in the ’90s with the band Family Ritual, as well as his work with cult songwriter John Southworth. Returning to his primary influences, with the most notable being Brian Wilson, Stancer steadily compiled demos that were ultimately fleshed out with producer Jono Grant.

The results on For The Birds are sonically ambitious while retaining all the basic ingredients for great rock and roll: energetic drums, buoyant bass lines, bright acoustic and shiny electric guitars, piano and organ, with horns, strings and a range of percussion.