How Rufus Wainwright Finally Became a Joni Mitchell Fan

Wainwright discussed the long-standing ban Sunday at the Los Angeles stop of his Northern Stars concert — a tribute to Canada and its great artists. In his household, the “Big Yellow Taxi” singer “was kind of considered a sellout, because she was successful,” Wainwright recounted to the crowd at the Ford Theatre. “And my mother was from this very purist group of folk — I was gonna use the word Nazi, but it’s not a good time — the folk alt-right of its day.” (Advocate)

Canadian Music Industry Reacts As Former UTA Toronto Staff Land on Their Feet, Canada Gains Two New Agencies

When veteran agent Jack Ross spoke to Billboard following the Aug. 1 announcement that UTA would shutter its Canadian office in Toronto, which he helmed as COO along with CEO Ralph James, Ross hinted at big news within two weeks. The interview somewhat quelled the bad news that the respected staff of 20-plus agents and assistants would be out of work and its artists without dedicated representation. Several managers messaged Billboard off the record confirming their loyalty to their responsible agent (RA); Nickelback said as much in their exclusive statement to Billboard. (Billboard)

A London, Ont. Retirement Home Is Giving Free Housing To Music Students

The program currently plans to place three upper-year Western music students at Oakcrossing Retirement Living starting in October. In exchange for the free accommodation and meals, the students will be expected to spend a dozen hours a week with their elderly neighbours. (Huffington Post)

Indigenous music rumbles Falls

Across both sides of the river, drums played back and forth during the opening ceremony of Rumble at the Falls on Saturday night at Oakes Garden Theatre in Niagara Falls. (Niagara Falls Review)

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