Through his black and white lens, Kaveh Nabatian directs this ravishing number. He follows the band’s frontwoman, Lisa Moore, alongside six dancers as they move gracefully and hide behind their hand-held fans. Exquisitely glamorous? Not quite…

With eyeballs painted onto their eyelids, the performers give out a creepy feel, one that is unsettling and captivating. The surreal makeup and theatrical costumes are made even more powerful through Axelle Munezero’s choreography, which focuses on the dramatic arm movements of waacking combined with the feminine poses of classic burlesque.

As Lisa Moore, puts it: “We wanted to juxtapose really stereotypically attractive women doing these cliché 50s glamorous moves with something modern and creepy. I love juxtapositions that offset clichés, it’s very provocative.”

“The song Hop the Fence is about feeling trapped and forced to be something you are not,” continues Lisa, “All these talented, creative people that Kaveh brought together…Becca Blackwood, Erin Ryan… and Axelle… we were all on the same page. We decided to toy with the idea of first revealing the dancers as cliché hot, then giving them a creepy quality, and then… BAM! We reveal one thing: their amazing TALENT.”

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