We’re Worst Gift and we just released a new song “What’s Another 40 Bucks Between Friends?”. It’s available now to hear and share on Soundcloud.

This song is about forgetting when you stopped being good and the negative self-talk that accumulates with your failures, but being lucky enough to have people to keep you going and that keep going with you through the hard times – whether it be your own or otherwise.

We jammed this track into the middle part of our upcoming album World’s Worst, set for release on September 22 via Art of the Uncarved Block. Our lives have changed a lot over the last two years, touring, writing and recording this record. We lost friends, gained new ones, changed careers, made new goals, learned a few harsh life lessons along the way and saw a lot of new places. As our lives were changing we noticed a difference in our songwriting, sonically and structurally. World’s Worst has definitely been a very long process, but we think it dates us very well to the things we were going through while making it.