This is the song that tore King Park away from their old sound and pushed them into a heavier, more mature direction.

King Park moved to Nashville in September of 2015 to immerse themselves in the music industry – studying, recording, producing, putting on shows and playing with up to 5 or 6 bands a week.

Stay was one of the first songs they wrote in Nashville. However, as their sound matured, the song underwent similar changes. By the time they came back home, the song, as well as their band, sounded very little like where it started. It speaks about the heartbreak of losing a loved one. This song was originally inspired by Murphy from Interstellar when her Father is on the other side of the galaxy. The chorus in the song “I watch our clocks move further away, I asked you to stay” alludes to the conversation between Murphy and her father before he leaves. Check out the video of the scene if you’ve never seen it.

The song captures aspects of the movie while maintaining the much more real emotion of loss. While the movie itself does an excellent job of this – being such a grandiose film while hitting people on a very raw and personal level, the song does a very good job of conveying the same emotions.

‘Stay’ is off the upcoming album ‘The Light I Can’t See’ that will be out on November 3rd.