Interview: Dan Boeckner of Wolf Parade on getting the band back together

I’ve been a big fan of Wolf Parade for years – one of Canada’s most iconic indie rock groups, with chronic overachievers Dan Boeckner (Handsome Furs, Operators, Divine Fits etc.) and Spencer Krug (Frog Eyes, Sunset Rubdown etc.) serving as the band’s chief songwriters. I’ve spoken to Dan quite a few times over the years – at least one for each of his aforementioned projects – but never have I had the chance to talk about the band that cemented his status as one of Canada’s best musicians. Part of this is likely due to the fact the band have been on a hiatus for the better part of six years… and have never toured Australia.

Zoetrope: Small beginnings in Canadian animation

Canada’s film industry gets a raw deal. Canada is home to two of the biggest North American filmmaking cities in Vancouver and Toronto, sometimes described as “Hollywood North”, and has produced an array of successful stars and directors, from James Cameron to Ryan Gosling. However, the long shadow of its southern neighbour is hard to escape – most Canadian filmmakers are all too eager to pack their bags for America once they have made a name for themselves, and many of the movies filmed in Canada are actually made by Hollywood studios who just want to use Canadian cities as cheap stand-ins for American ones.

Singer gives up the city to be artist-in-residence at her own P.E.I. microbrewery

The native East Coaster saw a better future in Prince Edward Island, where she is now brewing up a novel approach to her music career — let the world come to her.

Tedwalks: Musician Joanna Barker talks industry sexism, Indigenous culture

While she might be best known as a singer/songwriter, Barker always wanted to be a poet and writer. It was a personal tragedy that brought out her inner performer — her best friend was killed in a car accident when Barker was in her early 20s.

Mìwàte welcomes public back to sacred Chaudière Falls

Chaudière Falls closed from public view for a century, will reopen with an elaborate sound and light show Friday, but not everyone is ready to join the welcome back party.

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