Lavender Child’s latest single, Happy Illusions, is said to have been inspired by her attending a weekend at an outdoor music festival. “The environment alone was stunning; lush forests with enchanting art installations throughout the trails. The unsettling ambivalence of the place came from the juxtaposition between the people and the peaceful surroundings. My head spun from the irony both in relationships to nature and each other. I heard so many people say that they loved one another, which conceptually was beautiful, but realistically had me questioning the authenticity of the community.”

Toronto director Dylan Mitro came up with the video conceptualized, “Happy Illusions, is a song about the experience of love and the human connection to nature and whether that connection can be genuine when under the influence.”

The track comes from her upcoming album, Reflections, which revolves around those moments of self-reflection where you ask yourself, how am I contributing to this world? How are my actions influencing the environment and the people around me?