Canadian Indie Music Icons Are Turning to Theatre

Members of Broken Social Scene and Billy Talent are producing plays in hopes of connecting to a less-smartphone connected audience. (Vice)

London’s inaugural Music Career Day explores opportunities within music industry

London Music Office hosted its first-ever Music Career Day at Wolf Performance Hall last Friday, highlighting the paths available in the business from a mix of industry veterans. (Western Gazette)

Brain zaps can alter responses to music

The enjoyment we get from food and sex is generally considered to be an evolutionary mechanism to encourage us to pursue basic biological needs. But humans also have the “unique capacity” to take pleasure from factors that lack a clear physiological benefit, such as art. Now scientists have pinpointed the parts of the brain that give us joyous sensations when we hear music we love. (Cosmos)

Neil Young to open up entire online music archive for free

Christmas is coming early for Neil Young fans who will be treated to the upcoming release of his latest album and given access to an online archive of his entire music catalogue at the beginning of December. (CTV News)

CRTC Report: Canadian Content Funding Declining

The Candian independent music sector needs to be aware that the gravy-train days of funding from Canada’s commercial radio sector are over and this fact will impact FACTOR and many local initiatives. In the 2015-2016 broadcast year, commercial radio operators contributed 3 cents per revenue dollar, for a total of $47M, to support Canadian Content Development (CCD). (FYI Music)

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