Hi Our Basement :

It’s been a busy week! First I shared my new video for the ‘CU Again’ at The 405 and then I released my new single ‘Weather’.

You can listen to the song on Soundcloud/Spotify. And watch the ‘CU Again’ video on YouTube.

I created this video for ‘CU Again’ with two of my friends from film school, both accomplished filmmakers, Evan Crowe and Tony Massil. I knew I wanted it to be a very simple concept and I think there’s something intrinsically meaningful about seeing a songwriter sing their own song.

Both songs will appear on my debut album also named ‘CU Again’. The LP was produced by by Adam Bainbridge aka Kindness (Robyn, Solange, Blood Orange) and will be released on February 9th, 2018. The 10 songs on ‘CU Again’ are the culmination of many years of sonic exploration. I sat with a keyboard and one drum machine and tried not to play too much with production ideas at first. The tunes have a classic ‘70s songwriter vibe, even though we ultimately wanted to push the production into a more modern realm. This simple, direct way of songwriting is me at my best. As a person with a lot of privilege I felt like these songs had to count – they had to really mean something to me.

On ‘Weather’, I love how the production came out. Adam (Bainbridge) took my original demo and just kinda warped it and morphed it, almost like a remix, adding new drums and changing the keyboard sounds I had played. Then we added the live piano and synth bass from Brandon Coleman (Kamasi Washington) and Keith Eaddy (DāM-FunK). In the end it’s quite playful and strange – it’s a great combination of sounds.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Thanks again for listening.

Adrian Underhill

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