Orchestra Offers Free Music Lessons For A Year

The Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra has joined up with a French platform Meludia to offer free access to 625 interactive music learning exercises to anyone in Canada for a whle year, starting tomorrow.(Slipped Disc)

Arts tour brings together Indigenous, indie performers

Subtitled a “Nation(s)wide Tour of Music and Arts,” the 13-date excursion is designed to combine top Canadian indie musicians with Indigenous artists and writers for concerts and workshops for youth and adults from all walks of life. The tour also includes a mentorship component aimed at providing support and inspiration for First Nations students.(The Chronicle Herald)

Re:Sound Releases 2016 Annual Report

In its just-released annual report, Toronto-based neighbouring rights distribution organization Re:Sound was hit with a $5.5M (CDN) shortfall in 2016.

The not-for-profit music licensing company collected $39.5M (CDN) in 2016 compared to $45.1M in 2015, according to report figures, largely as a result of U.S. counterpart SoundExchange’s switch to a new distribution system, which saw SoundExchange suspend payments for six months of the year.(FYI Music News)

Back to the ’70s with former VJ Champniss

Before he was helping shape a country’s musical culture on MuchMusic, Kim Clarke Champniss was a typical London teenager trying to find a direction in life.

That direction, it turns out, was towards northern Canada. Way north. Desperate for work and eager to leave England in the early ’70s, he took his dad’s advice and answered a call for work with the Hudson’s Bay Company in “the old country.”(Niagara Falls Review)

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