Bell Media, Music Canada & Re:Sound Announce New Project to Improve Radio Royalty Collection

It is part of an ongoing initiative by Music Canada and Re:Sound to develop administrative efficiencies within the Canadian music industry. Last year, $2 million (CAD) in additional monies were collected as a result of the information clean up and new single database by Connect Music Licensing and Re:Sound Music Licensing.(Billboard)

Toronto music teacher sues principal, VP who criticized use of ‘racist’ Land of the Silver Birch in play

A music teacher is suing her principal and vice principal, along with the Toronto school board, for defamation, over an email they sent following a school play describing one of the songs performed as “inappropriate” and “racist.”.(National Post)

Paul Shaver Named VP, Nielsen Music Canada

Paul Shaver is named VP as well as Head of Nielsen Music Canada, and in this expanded role he will focus on leading the radio business and product developments in the market.(FYI Music)

Canada stages its next invasion

Scruffy, indie-rock collectives from the past decade no longer represent Canadian cool. They have been replaced by the mellow flows of the DIY, Soundcloud generation. (Globe and Mail)

iHeartRadio’s Jingle Ball concert was six… hours… long.

On Saturday, however, the show lurched along for close to six hours, with long stretches between performances where audiences were coached on how to dance and smile and drilled with cheering exercises in an attempt to procure the desired television optics. Presumably many attendees had got tickets through some kind of contest or giveaway, but anyone who paid the full price of admission ($200-plus) was essentially paying for the privilege to be an extra in a film shoot.(NOW)

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