You may remember for the first edition of “How Did I Miss That?” we went back to 7th of November last year for Miracle by The Perm. Well, for our second edition we move forward an extra 72… hours to look at Fun Comes Fast by Teenage Head.

Released on November 10th, Fun Comes Fast is a double album containing 20 remastered tracks taken from the group’s career spanning 40 years.

Fun Comes Fast is available for download and streaming on all the usual digital service providers along with the physical formats of a single disc CD and a 2 disc pink vinyl album cut at 45 RPM for increased fidelity

Frankie Venom, Gord Lewis, Steve Mahon and Nick Stipanitz. Fronted by the charismatic Venom formed Teenage Head in Hamilton, Ontario in 1975. Their live shows went into infamy for inciting apocalyptic reactions from audiences across the country. One of these show-stopping riots, at Toronto’s Horseshoe Tavern in 1978, was captured in the documentary film, The Last Pogo.

After 40 plus years, they’ve finally dug through the vaults, and with the help of Warner Music Canada, have released this 20 song collection of what many people feel to be their best work. If you’ve ever wondered what all the fuss about Teenage Head has been about, now you can finally hear it for yourself, for the first time, all on one amazingly remastered package. This is the one.

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