How the end of Rush let Alex Lifeson be ‘as creative as I want to be’

Guitarist and charter member of the legendary Canadian prog-rock trio says he’s actually been ‘busier lately than I have been in a while’ since the band stopped touring and recording.(The Globe and Mail)

Music Student Researches The Tragically Hip

“Even just from this event, it’s clear that The Hip have this iconic position in Canadian pop culture. And it’s kind of a nationalistic position—they’re ‘Canada’s Band,’” she said via email. “I thought it would be interesting to see what stories “Canada’s Band” tells about Canada and further, how these stories combined with the support for the band, affect what we think of Canada.” (The Charlatan)

Never give up: Kelowna rapper battles bullies and life-threatening illness

K’Star, his real name Keifer Sherry, was born in Port au Prince, Haiti in the spring of 1991. At just two months of age his adopted parents moved him to their home country of Canada. Born with sickle cell anemia, a rare blood disorder, he would require medication and daily insulin shots for the rest of his life. (Info News)

And Finally

The Wooden Sky | Live at Massey Hall – June 23, 2017