Adam Cicchillitti – Canciones

While touring Quebec and the Maritimes in 2016, guitarist Adam Cicchillitti played an outdoor concert at La Fête de la Musique de Tremblant, a summer festival curated by violinist Angèle Dubeau.(CBC Music (First Play))

Beams – Teach Me To Love

Sometimes when the sun makes an appearance in the middle of winter, a kind of slow heat swallows you whole. You’re still cold, but the warmth washes over your body, and you feel the glow all the way down to your toes. This is the sensation of listening to Toronto psych-folk-pop band Beams’ new album, Teach Me to Love.(CBC Music (First Play))

Big Little Lions – Alive and Well

Charlotte Day Wilson – Stone Woman

On first listen Stone Woman seems immovable, but spend some time with Charlotte Day Wilson’s latest musical endeavour and the six-track EP reveals its emotional and musical complexity.(Exclaim!)

Computer Magic – Danz

Computer Magic‘s Danielle Johnson gave not just one but two shout outs to Peter Pan Donuts and their egg sandwiches. It’s clear that her love for Greenpoint runs deep. So it’s only fair that all of North Brooklyn should give that love back to her when Computer Magic’s newest album Danz is released on February 23.(Greenpointers)

Everett Bird – People Person “target=”_blank”>NOW )

Frigs – Basic Behaviour

The four-piece have been circling the Toronto rock scene for the past few years (formerly as Dirty Frigs), self-producing frenetic, post-punk, grunge-soaked EPs that draw comparisons to PJ Harvey and Sonic Youth. They spent 16 months meticulously crafting this debut, also self-produced, and you can tell. Where their EPs are more of an immediate snapshot, Basic Behaviour is a slower build, one that forces you to engage and sit with the work.(Canadian Music Blog)

Grounders – Coffee & Jam

A followup to the band’s solid eponymous LP from 2015, the upcoming Coffee & Jam sees Grounders effectively hone its delicious postpunk leaning style. From a palette of various sounds, the music is filled with captivating details. The disc was heralded by single “Bringing It In” (track #2) and opens with the groovy “Mickey Can’t Move” which ironically will get you moving.(Spill Magazine)

Mayhemingways – Skip Land

Mayhemingways work as hard as any Canadian band that tours these days. For instance they can tell you which towns sit between Sault Ste. Marie and Thunder Bay from memory, and they can recommend where to eat in rural Saskatchewan. The vastness of their country and the extent of their touring are a surface theme on their second full-length album Skip Land. The title of the album refers to a phenomenon that occurs with CB radios, of which they have one in their tour van. When the signal skips it jumps several thousand kilometers more than normal due to solar activity.(Spill Magazine)

shy kids – in a state

Since their debut Shifty in 2015, shy kids have truly found their niche in creating music that is a mash up of old and new. Recently, they have released their second full length album, in a state which is sure to catch the attention of fans and critics alike. This success, however, was preceded by another path that eventually led them to where they are now. Originally, this wily quartet found their start in the animation and filmmaking industry. Things took a sharp turn when they realized that their boyhood dreams were turning into more of a nightmare. From pain and heartache grew the desire to write songs that addressed the current mental and physical states of each of the band members.(imperfect fifth)