On her new single, “Come Right Back To You” rising Canadian soul artist Avery Raquel updates classic sounds for contemporary ears.

The song is a preview of Avery’s third full-length album, My Heart Away, due out in spring 2018. Produced once again by Juno and ECMA winner Greg Kavanagh, the new original collection finds her moving from contemporary jazz into vintage Motown and Stax sounds. However, what remains constant is Avery’s sultry voice and the emotional depth of her lyrics.

While many singers of her generation naturally gravitate toward pop, Avery Raquel has been a soul singer from day one, as her latest effort proves beyond a shadow of a doubt.

“My Heart Away, the album, presents the evolution of a relationship,” she says. “‘Come Right Back To You’ is near the end, when things aren’t quite working out. Its general message is ‘I’m done with your games, but I’ll give you one more chance to explain why ‘us’ is a good idea,’ all the time knowing exactly what the answer will be.”