Our Basement,

On February 6th, I woke up to news that would change my life.

My sophomore record, The Grand Hustle, is among the 2018 JUNO Awards nominees for Adult Contemporary Album of the Year! While we still won’t know the results for a couple of weeks, I’m so excited to share my brand new single, “Do It Right,” with you today.

This song came out of a session in LA with Grammy-nominated producer/writer Rob Kleiner. We were striving to create an upbeat, snappy tune with some attitude. “Do It Right” is a little bit cheeky, and basically says “if you’re gonna do it, better do it right.” So if you’re gonna try and step to me, step correctly.

With the upcoming JUNOs, “Do It Right” snagging an ESPN TV placement, and an album’s worth of new material itching for release, I’m ready to see what the rest of this year holds.

Thank you so much for listening,