Our Basement, we hope today is fantastic!

‘Heard it All Before’ is a bit of a cynic’s anthem, but really it’s the feeling we all get any time some dingbat comes to your door trying to sell you a better version of an alarm clock. Or maybe it’s about relationships or something. Or drugs. Is this a drug song?

We’ve been labelled everything from math to prog to pop but we feel most comfortable in the plain guise of rock. We have evolved through numerous styles and absorbed a plethora of influences to become a band so refreshingly original that people are still struggling to categorize us after 12 years..

Hot on the heels of our The Other Way EP, featuring our alt-rock top 40 single “Walk the Other Way”, we are serving up our new single “Heard It All Before” ahead of our full-length record Foolish Games, set for release May 2018.

Hope you like what you hear, can’t wait to share even more with you!

Bend Sinister

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