Dom Fricot – Deserts

Dom Fricot’s second album Deserts, the follow up to 2014 debut Sweet Little Fantasy is in many ways an album about death, but not about grief. Set for release on Friday, March 23rd, we caught up with Dom to talk about new single ‘Help is Needed’ and how it fits ino his forthcoming LP.(ZAP! BANG!)

The Foreign Films – The Record Collector

Commanded by Bill Majoros and assisted by a collection of musicians like Steve Eggers (The Nines), Carl Jennings, and the late Wim Oudijk to name a few, The Record Collector is an expansive box set.(Powerpopholic)

Kellarissa – Ocean Electro

After giving us a taste of Ocean Electro a few months back, Kellarissa is now unloading the entirety of her new album. The record doesn’t officially arrive until March 23 via Mint Records, but you can get in on an early stream now.(Exclaim!)

Preoccupations – New Material

Ring the alarm – another early album of the year contender is here. Preoccupations – though you may have once known them as Viet Cong – are set to drop their latest full-length album, New Material, on March 23rd via Jagjaguwar, and it is a massive one. Perhaps not massive in scope with only eight tracks, but certainly in sound and feeling.(Cryptic Rock)

The Funk Hunters – Typecast

The song is the first single of 2018 from the Canadian duo’s forthcoming debut album, “Typecast”, which is planned to be released on 23 March 2018. Consisting of Duncan Smith and Nick Middleton, The Funk Hunters have had a great career to date and have released official remixes for the likes of Imagine Dragons, Selena Gomez, Big Gigantic, and Gramatik. Billboard even chose their remix of Selena Gomez’s “Good For You” as one of their six best remixes.(CelebMix)

Yamantaka // Sonic Titan – Dirt

Understanding Yamantaka // Sonic Titan requires, on some level, understanding Boredoms. Fans of the Japanese iconoclasts may recall fondly their embrace of rock, noise, metal and experimental sounds to forge music that was altogether bold, freaky and original. Pop Tatari and the Super Roots series are weird, masterful recordings that even still at this moment are the musical James Harden to contemporary avant garde’s Wesley Johnson, following that fateful crossover. You can see it, but you can’t touch. Yet, the inescapably catchy rhythms of a group that has defied convention for more than 30 years remain also undeniable. It’s hard to say if the Boredoms truly influenced anyone—the band was obviously shaped by many genres, hacking them up with a machete to create its performances —but one can’t help but marvel at how Yamantaka Eye and his co-conspirators interpret the sounds we know and love.(Treble)