Hi Our Basement,

Motivated by the tarot card of the same name, our music as Ace of Wands is about will and determination – to create and destroy, and to bring about physical, mental, and spiritual transformation. Our song’s content is deeply personal, reflecting themes of love, loss and trauma. We strive to create continuity between each of the elements of our art; from music and video to merch and live performance.

Currently, we are attempting to reject traditional forms of releasing physical copies of our music in favour of more creative and sustainable methods. Our new single, “Grown from Good,” is being released as a digital download, printed on paper embedded with wildflower seeds, and accompanied by a glass jar of full of soil. We encourage you to use your download code, then take the card to plant at a park, on the side of the road – anywhere that needs life, beauty, and growth. All components of the package are environmentally friendly with no wasteful components.

For the filming of the “Grown from Good” video, Lee swam through near-freezing temperatures in Georgian Bay and Lake Ontario while dragging 30’ of handsewn, recycled fabric. It’s the first in a trilogy of videos that follow us through different landscapes and seasons, chronicling our journeys of self-discovery, self-hatred, and self-love.

Thank you for taking the time to pause and listen. We look forward to sharing more of ourselves with you this year.

Ace of Wands – Lee Rose, Anna Mernieks, Jody Brumell

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