deadmau5 – where’s the drop?

Over the decade and a half or so of deadmau5’s career, the Canadian electronic music producer born Joel Zimmerman has been pored over and examined in detail by a rabid press. The fact that he found fame and no small amount of artistic respect while wearing a giant mouse head made the man a mystery (Marshmello was taking note), and all the more attractive to the media.(LA Weekly)

Harrison Brome – Body High

Body High is a four-track EP — and it’s too early to gauge if Harrison Brome has staying power. The Vancouver-raised musician delivers peak bedroom-produced pop and R&B-flavoured vibes, hitting all the required notes for streaming playlist consumption.(Exclaim!)

Lindi Ortega – Liberty

Lindi Ortega’s fifth album Liberty is inspired by Italian composer Ennio Morricone. Unlike her traditional country albums, Ortega’s concept album, recorded in Nashville with Skylar Wilson, fits a three-act structure where each act has a separate and distinct temperament.(Exclaim!)

Snake Eyes Seven – Medicine Man

Over the years SNAKE EYES SEVEN has continued to evolve as a great band should, musically and professionally. The new SNAKE EYES SEVEN is a group of seasoned metal veterans. Cam MacLeod validates the band’s credibility and solidifies the band’s musicianship as a whole. Bassist Mike Cillis yields the ‘heaviness’ to catapult the songs forward. Yet it’s the driving force of drummer Erik Young that wraps the package neatly into monstrous metal sound. The Sabbath-esque qualities of SNAKE EYES SEVEN still remain evident but now vocalist Danny Deane has the pure talent to deliver strong and powerful vocals with warm melodies yet he retains that raspy growl as needed. SNAKE EYES SEVEN is the complete package that continues to churn out great music time and time again. It is time for fans to gather in masses and really discover SNAKE EYES SEVEN. (